Logan Havana 60


Celebrate with us in Cuba as Willie Logan turns 60!!! Thursday, February 16 - Monday, February 20, 2017

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Thursday 2/16

• City Tour: 2.5-4.5p
• Cocktails: 7p
• Dinner: 7.5p @ Restaurante Paris
9p @ The F.A.C.

Friday 2/17

• Old Havana Tour: 9.5-11.5a
• Artist Conversations + Exhibit: 2-4p @ Studio Choco
• Reception: 4-6p @ Studio Choco
• Jazz: 10p @
La Zorra y El Cuervo

Saturday 2/18

• Revolution Sites Tour: 9.5-11.5a
• Community mural project: 10-4p
• Dinner: 8p @ San Cristobal

Sunday 2/19

• New Havana Tour: 9.5-11.5a
• City Tour: 12-2p
La Rumba de Cayo Hueso: 3p @ Hamel's Alley

Monday 2/20

• Day trips

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Trip Tips

  • Flights

    Whether you're flying from Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa or New York, book early and you may find a roundtrip commercial flight to Havana for less than $200. Compare fares on CheapAir.com, the first U.S. online company to sell tickets for commercial service to Cuba. Also, we have a charter flight available from Miami for about $300. If you're interested, let us know here.

  • Travel Category

    You will need to certify--by making a selection when booking or checking in for your flight--that you are eligible to travel to Cuba under one of twelve general license categories or a specific license. See the U.S. Treasury's Cuba FAQs for details. For Logan Havana 60, since our trip will include a number of public performances and exhibitions, select the following general license category: Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic or other competitions and exhibitions.

  • Required Passport

    Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the return date of your trip to Cuba.

  • Required Visa

    You must purchase a visa before traveling to Cuba. Airline web sites provide the following information on where to purchase your visa:. American and Frontier: visit Cuba Visa Service ($85 + shipping). Delta and JetBlue: purchase at the final airport before departing the U.S. ($50). Southwest: visit Cuba Visa Service ($50). Spirit: visit Airline Brokers ($85 + shipping in advance; $100 at airport). United: purchase at the airport before departing the U.S. ($75).

  • Required Insurance

    You will need Cuban health insurance in order to enter Cuba. The fee for this insurance is included in the price of your ticket on American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and United. Check with your airline for insurance coverage details.

  • Lodging

    A room in a hostel with a shared bath costs from $3-$10/night, while hotels charge $150-$800/night, depending on location and amenities. Please book hostels and hotels on your own. You also can book rooms / apartments in Old Havana on airbnb.com. In addition, we have reserved several private apartments in Old Havana ($25-$50/bedroom/night). To rent one of these apartments, select it here, and forward the requested deposit to Logan via PayPal or venmo.com.

  • Planning Your Trip

    Yes, even with all the Logan Havana 60 scheduled events, you will have time to futher explore Cuba on your own. And there is plenty to see and do, from lounging on a white sand beach, to hitting the bars and clubs, to diving Cayo Largo, to visiting a tobacco farm and rolling your own cigar...Check back here for a list of Logan Havana 60 organized tours.

  • No Credit / Debit Cards

    With very few exceptions, credit, debit, and ATM cards issued by U.S. banks do not yet work in Cuba. So bring enough cash to last your entire trip. You can exchange U.S. dollars for Cuban convertible pesos at the Havana airport, hotels or exchange houses.

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Our Take on Travelling to Cuba...

Timeworn but magnificent, dilapidated but dignified, fun yet maddeningly frustrating - Cuba is a country of indefinable magic. —Lonely Planet

You've probably heard stories about Cuba, about the Castro brothers' regime, the harsh conditions the locals live under and the extensive communism that affects every individual living on the island.

However, the surprises of Cuba will begin to hit you the second you get off the plane and walk into the airport.

It is as if time stopped in Cuba.

The airport is antiquated. The locals drive around in antique, worn out, cars. All clothes are hung outside to dry because there are no dryers. Air conditioners are found only in the nicest places on the island. There is very limited cell phone service, and, when you find it, it's expensive.

Just as technological advancements are rare in Cuba, private businesses are even more uncommon. The ability to be a truly successful entrepreneur is one of the many privileges of living in the United States.

But, Havana is a beautiful, old-fashioned city. You will feel genuinely immersed when you sit on the Malecón or walk through the streets of Old Havana. The city is the combination of colonialism, capitalism and communism in one. At first glance, the city seems like it is falling apart. The site of dilapidated buildings is common, but you can see the grandeur and beauty within them.

The buildings have a European styling; the people have a Caribbean flair. Music and art abound on the island.

You'll have to come with an open mind. Cuba won't be a luxurious vacation, but it will be one you won't forget.

Before you pack your bags, click here to read a helpful article on what you should know before travelling to Cuba.

by Nikisha Williams